Your Recovery Is Important: Virtual Recovery Resources


Double Trouble in Recovery: Suggestions

Double Trouble in Recovery suggestions

What Are Peer Recovery Support Services?

This Technical Assistance Guide, "What are Recovery Support Services," describes the types of social support that individuals in recovery from addiction can provide to others. The therapeutic value of the shared experience of addiction and recovery from addiction is explained, as well as the four types of social support that facilitate recovery and help prevent relapse.

Double Trouble in Recovery: 12 Traditions

Double Trouble in Recovery 12 traditions pamphlet

Double Trouble in Recovery: Mark Your Calendar

Double Trouble in Recovery mark your calendar

Double Trouble in Recovery: Role of Sponsorship

Double Trouble in Recovery role of sponsorship

Double Trouble in Recovery: Sample Script

Double Trouble in Recovery sample script

Double Trouble in Recovery: 12 Steps

Double Trouble in Recovery 12 steps pamphlet

SAMHSA's Working Definition of Recovery

Introduces a working definition for recovery from mental disorders and substance use, along with 10 guiding principles intended to help advance recovery opportunities and help clarify these concepts for peers, families, funders, providers, and others.

Decisions in Recovery: Treatment for Opioid Use Disorders

Discusses potential avenues for opioid addiction treatment and recovery

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