The Truth About Cocaine

The word cocaine refers to the drug in a powder form or crystal form.1 The powder is usually mixed with substances such as corn starch, talcum powder and/or sugar or other drugs such as procaine (a local anesthetic) or amphetamines.

The Truth About Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is the crystal form of cocaine, which normally comes in a powder form.1 It comes in solid blocks or crystals varying in color from yellow to pale rose or white. Crack is heated and smoked. It is so named because it makes a cracking or popping sound when heated.

Mother to Baby Factsheet- Cocaine

Tips for Teens: The Truth About Cocaine

Tips for Teens: The Truth About Cocaine

Provides facts and dispels myths about cocaine use. Discusses long- and short-term effects, physical and psychological implications, and warning signs of cocaine use. Provides information for finding treatment.

Research Report: Cocaine Abuse and Addiction

Cocaine abuse and addiction continue to plague our Nation. In 2008, almost 15 percent of Americans had tried cocaine, with 6 percent having tried it by their senior year of high school. Recent discoveries about the inner workings of the brain and the harmful effects of cocaine offer us unprecedented opportunities for addressing this persistent public health problem.

Mind Over Matter: The Brain's Response to Cocaine (Spanish)

Cocaine is made from the leaf of the coca plant. It often comes in the form of a white powder that some people inhale through their nose. Another form of cocaine, known as crack, can be smoked.

Research Report: Cocaine Abuse and Addiction (Spanish)

El abuso y la adicci�n a la coca�na contin�an siendo un problema serio que aflige a nuestro pa�s. Por ejemplo, de 1965 a 1967 solamente el 0.1 por ciento de los j�venes hab�an usado coca�na alguna vez en su vida, pero esta tasa continu� subiendo a lo largo de las d�cadas setenta y ochenta alcanzando el 2.2 por ciento en 1987.

TIP 10: Assessment and Treatment Planning for Cocaine-Abusing Methadone-Maintained Patients

This TIP addresses the treatment needs of methadone patients using opioids and stimulants, especially cocaine and crack cocaine.

Tips for Teens: The Truth About Cocaine (Spanish Language Version) - Consejos para adolescentes: la realidad sobre la cocaína

This factsheet for teens provides facts about cocaine. It describes short- and long-term effects and lists signs of cocaine use. The factsheet helps to dispel common myths about cocaine.

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