Steps Toward a Safer Home in Tennessee

Saving Veteran Lives in Tennessee

Take the risk factors and signals seriously. If you think someone is considering suicide, ASK HIM OR HER “Are you suicidal?” or “Do you want to kill yourself?” If the answer is “yes,” GET HELP

Suicide Proofing Your Home in Tennessee

Even if you think your child is not at risk for suicide, why take chances? These simple steps can help you suicide proof your home and possibly save a teen's life.

Who We Are: Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network

The Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network (TSPN) is the statewide public-private organization responsible for implementing the Tennessee Strategy for Suicide Prevention as defined by the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention. It is considered a national model for state-supported suicide prevention efforts.

A Friend's Guide to Suicide Prevention in Tennessee

Teenage stress can be overwhelming. When a friend is depressed, stress can potentially make things worse and lead to suicide.

Saving Lives on Social Media in Tennessee

Social media is ever changing and growing. When addressing thoughts of suicide through social media, certain key considerations must be kept in mind

Saving College Student Lives in Tennessee

College students are in a state of life transition and can be overwhelmed with new opportunities and new responsibilities. Lifestyle changes such as sleep deprivation and substance abuse, can contribute to suicidal behavior.

Bullying and Suicide in Tennessee

Too often, parents and teachers fail to notice when a child is being bullied or is bullying someone else. When they do hear about it, they frequently downplay it as a rite of passage or blame the victim. But it can cause real psychological damage, triggering anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, and even suicide.

Gun Safety Rules in Tennessee

Most firearm accidents can be prevented. As any gun expert knows, what you don’t know about guns can hurt you. This pamphlet is part of a statewide effort to educate people who own, use, sell, and rent firearms about how to handle them safely

Saving Teen and Young Adult Lives in Tennessee

The teenage and young adult years can be a period of loneliness and confusion. Youth deal with a number of new experiences such as new relationships, decisions about the future, and the physical changes that are taking place in their bodies.

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